5 Ways Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Actually Helps Car Dealership Websites, Marketing, and Reporting

Google’s Universal Analytics platform, that we all know and love, is migrating to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on July 1, 2023. The new software upgrade offers car dealerships significant enhancements around gaining insights into customer website behavior and activity. Let’s look at some improvements that GA4 offers and how it can help your dealership build more effective marketing campaigns to sell more cars.

If you haven’t set up your Google Analytics 4 tracking yet,  read this article:
How Do I Update My Car Dealership Website from Universal Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

5 ways GA4 will help your dealership website and marketing

1) A User-Focused Approach to Analyzing Dealership Website Data

Google Analytics 4 has a more user-centric approach, a shift in the focus from individual sessions to the overall user journeys. Instead of relying just on cookies for tracking, GA4 utilizes an event-based data model, making it easier to track user actions across different platforms and devices. This means your dealership can have a more comprehensive understanding of car shoppers’ actions and behaviors to create more personalized experiences.

Raltime Reporting in Google Analytics 4

2) Deeper Connection to Google Ads for Vehicle Inventory Marketing

Most car dealerships rely on Google Ads to drive new customers to their websites. GA4 works seamlessly with Google Ads, allowing marketers to bridge the gap between analytics and advertising. The updated integration lets your dealer import customer conversion data directly into Google Ads, providing a holistic view of ad performance and car shopper behavior. Dealer marketers can optimize their ad campaigns based on valuable insights from GA4, leading to improved targeting, higher conversion rates, and increased return on ad spend.

3) Smarter Insights with AI

GA4 leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide smarter insights. The new AI-driven capabilities analyze data patterns, predict outcomes, and provide actionable recommendations. For instance, GA4’s predictive metrics can forecast online user behavior, revenue trends, and even the potential lifetime value of a customer to your dealership. These AI-powered insights enable businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing strategies more precisely.

4) Event-Driven Data Model

One of the most significant changes in GA4 is the shift from an online session-based data model to an event or action-driven data model. This new model allows businesses to define specific events, such as clicking on a retailing form or visiting the Dealer Service page, and track them. Events can be customized to capture interactions such as page views, button clicks, video plays, and more. This event tracking allows dealership marketers to measure the effectiveness of specific actions and campaigns.

Digital Debrief – Hello to Google Analytics 4

5) Customizable Reporting and Analysis

GA4 offers enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities that allow your dealership to create customized reports based on your unique goals. The new Analysis Hub offers a centralized platform for data exploration, where marketers can perform analyses, conduct cohort analyses, and gain deeper insights into customer behavior. This flexibility in reporting and analysis empowers businesses to focus on the metrics that matter most to their success and adapt their strategies.

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