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Our Agency Creative Services aren’t for everyone, but if you are a dealer ready to invest in telling your story, let’s talk.

Agency Creative

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Before the team at Space Auto started Space Auto, we were the marketing team at a large multi-rooftop dealership. We are experts at all parts of the marketing funnel, but we are also expert in film and photography production. It takes, however, a different level of industry knowledge and expertise to really create content that is effective through all the multi-touch points you need for effective dealership marketing.

Agency Creative

An A-List creative team.

To really drive attention, your dealership should feel like a leader in your market. You don’t have to be the biggest, you just need to have a story to tell. If you want to invest in the same team working for you that creates world-class work for our BMW customers and multi-rooftop dealerships like Byrider, click the button below. They are ready to start telling your story as soon as you are.

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Agency Creative

Automotive creative requires specific skills.

In automotive there are two things creative really needs to be the master of. Firstly, knowing how to tell a story, what the arc of a story line is and how to delineate between the different parts of it. Second is how to shoot cars. There are lighting tricks, camera angles, lenses, filters and a host of other things too many to mention here. What we can say is it is only through real experience of production that you can truly master the art of automotive creative. We can do that, and if you don’t have it we’d love to talk about the ambitions you have for your brand.


“Traffic on our website has doubled. i get so many compliments on what the website has become.”

Colton Marr

JCT Auto Sales

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If you are a dealer ready to invest in telling your story, let’s talk.

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  • Anything your heart desires

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