Space Auto + BMW

A Match Made In Heaven

This is a presentation of how Space Auto’s dealership technology platform, AI integration, content creation and paid social media skills have driven success for Galleria BMW and the BMW Southern Region.

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Now In the 3rd Year of Our Relationship

We're Ready To
Take On More.


What are other people saying?

Feedback we have received highlight 7 areas Space Auto provides additional benefits vs approved vendors for BMW:


  • Ease of navigation
  • Site performance
  • Special offers on VDP
  • Native / Inline SRP ads
  • Inventory display on VDP
  • Grid view on SRP
  • Acknowledge importance of sales and service
Traffic and Conversion

Better results with
fewer marketing dollars.

Quantitative metrics tell an overall story of increases, some significant, versus the previous approved vendor. These successes have all been achieved while spending less money on advertising vs previous periods with the previous, approved, vendor.

Total VDP Views


vs prev. year



vs BMW National Avg.


Leads (90 days)


vs 1623 prev. year

Annual volume target achievement


vs 100%

Service effectiveness target


vs 71%

Dealer Effectiveness


Customer Pay Workshop target


vs 99%

Lead conversion Target


vs 15%

Showcase your dealership and inventory the way your customers deserve.

Popular Features

  • Lightning Fast Website
  • Drag and Drop Space Builder
  • Search by Payment, Features, and More
  • Instant Trade, Credit, Payments, and More
  • Specials, Campaigns, and On-Site Marketing
  • Seamless Digital Retail Connection
  • Premium US-Based Support

Work deals remotely or at the dealership with more intelligent retailing tools.

Popular Features

  • Customer-Facing Digital Retailing
  • Real-time Payments, Taxes & Interest Rates
  • Dealer-Side Digital Desking
  • Connection with Hundreds of Lenders
  • Document Management
  • Digital Deal Folders
  • DMS Integrations

Sell a car the right way from anywhere. Get the full power of Space Auto on any device.

Popular Features

  • Next-Gen CRM Tool
  • Website, Marketing, Sales Reporting
  • Deal Management
  • Customer Financial Insights
  • Upload and Send Videos
  • Inventory Management
  • iOS, Android, Mac, PC & Web Application
Creative Services

Creating content people remember

Space Auto manages paid social for BMW Southern Region and also creates content used at Regional and National levels.


Our educational webinars on best practices for social strategy and creative were attended by 94 BMW dealers.


Be found anywhere and everywhere. Forward-thinking SEO practices that help you rise to the top.

Popular Features

  • Custom Branded Landing Pages
  • Business-Tailored User Flows
  • AI Enhanced SRPs
  • AI Enhanced Content Pages
  • AI Enhanced Metadata
  • 80+ 3rd Party Profiles Managed
  • Organic Traffic Growth

A multi-touch strategy that is proven to be the most effective at driving sales.

Popular Features

  • Custom digital marketing plan
  • Initial onboarding call
  • Monthly strategy meetings to ensure success
  • Pro Marketer dedicated to your account
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager Setup
  • Meta / Search / Display Ads
  • Dynamic Inventory & Google Vehicle Listing

If you are a dealer ready to invest in telling your story, let’s talk.

Popular Features

  • Customer tailored content strategy
  • Agency video / photo shoots
  • Social media content
  • Dealership content library
  • Commercials
  • Long form Videography
  • Anything your heart desires

Space Auto Manifesto

We Exist To

Unite Through Innovation

We are unifiers in the world of software. Conquerors of the Internet’s dark patterns. We are not friends of those who hinder, dupe, or work against users. We have no time for taking shortcuts to sloppy design, negligence with security, confusing experiences or just being plain dishonest.

We Exist To

Redefine the Road

We don’t build things others already have; it’s just not the way we approach things so don’t expect to see the same old same old from Space Auto. We do, however, love cars and we’ve found our purpose in unifying automotive retail tech. The common enemy we share with dealerships is simply the bad car buying experience.

We Exist To

Shift the Paradigm

We challenge conventions of Frankensteined, legacy software by creating a buying experience where every stage works smoothly together. We can’t stop at ‘standard’ products, it’s in our DNA to develop at the cutting edge of what’s possible. You’ll be a little blown away by how easy our website platform makes your customers’ journeys from ad buy to car buy.

We Exist To

Pioneer for Automotive

You’ll see a different level of personalized communication given what we’ve already created with AI. AI that is ready for you to use, already, today. It’s something we and our billionaire investor have bet big on - which means we’re here to stay, so you know we’ve always got your back.

We Exist To

Guide your Conquest

We’re not for everyone but judging by our growth we’ve found a market where customers are happier and you hold more gross. It’s a win win scenario. We believe we are the competitive advantage setting your experience apart from your competition down the road.


We Don't Suck.

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