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DAISI stands for two things. Literally, "Dealership Artificial Intelligence System Integration", but really DAISI exists to make sales easier for Sales teams.


Trained on your your data.

DAISI is much more than a public AI like ChatGPT. DAISI is a private AI built specifically to make selling cars easier for car dealers. DAISI is trained on your own data - inventory, customers, finance options, ad campaigns, leads, deals etc. She doesn’t replace sales people, but she sure does make their life so much more effective because of the speed at which she processes data to present your team with the right messages to send at the right time.


AI that doesn't just talk but can do.

DAISI is so much more than just a recommended message tool (though she is awesome at that too). Dealers can define the tone and goals of the message and DAISI will adapt accordingly. She will translate any message into Spanish or Chinese at the click of a button. If the dealer would rather write their own response DAISI will clean up typos, grammar and formatting. She can also take a mass email or text campaign and personalize it to each individual customer for you.

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AI enhanced sales funnel

Like all of Space Auto, DAISI is cloud based so whatever you see on your desktop is also what you see on your mobile. The only difference is DAISI on mobile is designed to be simple to use on a phone, with all the buttons in the right places for your thumb to reach easily. At Space Auto, ergonomics are part of why we are so effective.


“Traffic on our website has doubled. i get so many compliments on what the website has become.”

Colton Marr

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DAISI (“Dealership AI System Integration”) exists to make sales easier for sales teams.

Popular Features

  • AI Message Suggestions
  • AI Language Translations
  • AI Message Cleanup
  • AI CRM Automations
  • AI Customized Responses
  • AI Vehicle Descriptions
  • AI Website SEO

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