Dealer Space

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Sell a car the right way from anywhere, get the full power of Space Auto on any device.

Dealer Space

A tool that is accountable.

Your vendors are motivated to inflate their metrics so that you keep buying their service. Since we give visibility to your full funnel, you finally understand exactly which marketing strategies are providing value, and which ones are just slowing you down.

Dealer Space

Deals that are prioritized.

Dealer Space tracks the status of your deals through the funnel, enabling you to prioritize customers at the exact time they are most likely to convert. With AI powered responses, follow-ups, and incredible closing tools, Space Auto helps you provide best-in-class digital customer service, and close more deals.

Dealer Space

Tired of your software feeling Frankensteined?

Like all Space Auto products, the Dealer Space experience is designed ergonomically around the way the human hand uses devices. The result is a simple and easy to use product that delights your staff and your customers.

Dealers can easily track and organize inventory, upload photos of vehicles and keep all information up-to-date as all data is connected via the cloud.

Dealer Space

All of your data in one Space.

You shouldn’t have to have 13 tabs open to sell a car. See inventory, customers, AI-powered communications, car deals, realtime payments, and more all in one place. This is the connected tool that dealers have always deserved.


“Since bringing on Space Auto, we have increased our organic traffic by 115%.”

Stephanie Barber

Patterson Truck Stop

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Dealer Space

Sell a car the right way from anywhere. Get the full power of Space Auto on any device.

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  • Next-Gen CRM Tool
  • Website, Marketing, Sales Reporting
  • Deal Management
  • Customer Financial Insights
  • Upload and Send Videos
  • Inventory Management
  • iOS, Android, Mac, PC & Web Application

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