Paid Marketing

Multi-touch marketing that wins

A multi-touch strategy that is proven to be the most effective campaign structure.

Paid Marketing

Marketing that drives top-of-mind recognition, and low-funnel action.

A lot of automotive digital marketing splits the marketing puzzle into disconnected separate pieces. A vendor sells search ads, another sells inventory specific ads, and all this gives you is a tiny part of the digital marketing strategy you need. A true strategy targets customers all the way through the funnel, giving the right customers, the right message, at the right time.

Paid Marketing

You need a digital strategy partner that understands you.

However, you shouldn’t be forced to be the digital strategist as well as the car dealer. You need a partner who understands the whole marketing puzzle. One who understands how to build the momentum you need over time. One who knows when and where to ask for the business. One who doesn’t hesitate to tell you to do things like reducing your budget and then give you better returns than you have ever seen previously (yes, we’ve done this a few times).

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Paid Marketing

Multi-touch wins, and we ensure your strategy lives everywhere.

Marketing is an attention game. We are looking to capture the attention of real buyers with campaigns that win by asking for the business at the right time, and only at that time.

There are no silver bullets, you need creative that sells cars and tells your story. We build long term sales momentum while also showing immediate ROI improvements.


“Space Auto brings together sales, marketing, and customers. The quality of leads are 10x better.”

Kevin VanHimbergen

Greg Coats Cars & Trucks

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Paid Marketing

A multi-touch strategy that is proven to be the most effective at driving sales.

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  • Custom digital marketing plan
  • Initial onboarding call
  • Monthly strategy meetings to ensure success
  • Pro Marketer dedicated to your account
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager Setup
  • Meta / Search / Display Ads
  • Dynamic Inventory & Google Vehicle Listing

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