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Quantity and Quality

In an ideal world you’d be running more deals of a higher quality through your funnel. Welcome to the ideal world of Space Auto Digital Retailing.

Retail Space

All digital retail should be this easy.

Customers don’t want to be blocked from exploring a deal, they want to make a buying decision. We always remember no-one likes to be sold to but everyone loves to buy.

So we removed all the obstacles to the customer building a deal instantly. Accurate taxes, rates, trade values and more all allow them to create penny-perfect payments and an appointment too, right there in the app.

Retail Space

Dealers finally have full control.

Space Auto gives dealers full control of digital retail within the store and a one-to-one customer connection through our digital retailing portal. A full in app deal screen, profit maximization, tablet presentation mode and a target payment calculator add up to one thing;

Dealers work fast, accurately, selling more cars without having 13 windows open on their computer.

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Retail Space

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Space Auto offers realtime lender programs to understand exactly what your customer can be approved for (and who with), address-perfect taxes and fees, manufactures rebates, and all of the data necessary to build penny-perfect deals from either the customer or dealer side, instantly! Our retailing portal even outputs your perfect deal jacket, ready for your finance manager.

Digital retailing should be your no.1 closer, not something that works against you.


“Space is so flexible but most importantly the ROI is there.”

Jonathan Silva

McGavock Auto Group

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Sell With More

Retail Space

Work deals remotely or at the dealership with more intelligent retailing tools.

Popular Features

  • Customer-Facing Digital Retailing
  • Real-time Payments, Taxes & Interest Rates
  • Dealer-Side Digital Desking
  • Connection with Hundreds of Lenders
  • Document Management
  • Digital Deal Folders
  • DMS Integrations

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