Space Auto Release Notes – July 2023, CRM Appointments and Tasks

Major CRM Upgrades to Appointments; New Tasks & Automations for Car Dealerships

Our July 2023  Space Auto CRM release notes include some amazing updates that will make life at your dealership easier (because you deserve it.)

Appointments for Car Buyers & Dealers

This release includes a vast upgrade to the process of booking Appointments. It is now a breeze for your dealership sales team and the customer to schedule a meeting.

  • Customers schedule appointments via Retailing forms hosted on the dealership website and can commit to booking a test drive 
  • To ensure accurate and valid address information when a form with address information is submitted, we validate the request to verify the address.
  • Dealers can also schedule appointments with customers via the CRM, by sending them an invitation
  • Dealers and Customers will see the following Appointment Types attached to each appointment
    • Service
    • Sales
    • Delivery
    • Other
  • Each appointment will have the following Appointment Status
    • Set
    • Confirm
    • Declined 
    • Completed
    • Missed
  • Customers will receive personalized reminders via email and text leading up to the appointment
    •  Dealers can customize their communication stream
  • Dealer sales reps and managers can view calendars by a customer or see their entire calendar in one view
  • Dealership management can access in-depth reporting on appointments by status, sales rep, customer, etc. Tasks & Automations for Dealerships

Tasks & Automations for Dealerships

This new feature allows your dealership team to stay organized and on point with a user-friendly interface. Think of this as a reminder app or to-do list so your team doesn’t miss any part of the deal or customer process. Every touch of the process helps support an outstanding customer experience.

  • Tasks are simple to set up within the CRM and can include customizable dealer action items such as
    • “Make outbound sales calls”
    • “Get vehicle washed detailed and ready for purchase”
    • “Follow up on paperwork signature”
    • Tasks are attached to a Customer in the CRM, not a Deal. Some tasks are not tied to Deals such as “Wish the customer a happy birthday”.
  • Multiple team members at the dealership can be assigned to the same task
  • Tasks can be moved around on your Task Board by dragging and dropping. They can be prioritized and color-coded based on urgency.
  • Dealer team members receive push notifications via the Space Auto mobile app and / or desktop application so they don’t miss updates and reminders
  • Each task has easy access to your “Customer Cliff Notes “so you can get the customer insights and information you need without getting lost in other parts of CRM. This includes customer’s deals, communications, trade-ins, vehicles viewed and more.
  • Tasks can be automated to keep the processes flow moving. An example: As soon as a customers’ financing is approved, the next task, to create a Financing Agreement and Bill of Sale, is automatically generated and assigned to Finance.
  • Dealership managers can view a Leaderboard of all Tasks across the dealership.

Learn more about the Space Auto CRM.

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